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The Guide To Mileage Expenses and HMRC Compliance
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A simple guide to mileage expenses to ensure you don't get caught out by HMRC non-compliance
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A simple "Plain English" guide, based on knowledge and experience
What this book will teach you
There is a lesson here: Mileage expenses might seem like a trivial and painful monthly occurrence but take it lightly and you could be making a very expensive mistake. An incomplete or inaccurate claim could cost you as much as £34,000 per driver in back taxes and HMRC penalties. This guide will help you avoid these pitfalls and traps.
The 3 Most Important Tips:
  • HMRC Compliance What are HMRC looking for, what happens if you get it wrong and what to look out for
  • Best Practice Put together the right policies and processes to make sure your claims are always complete and compliant
  • Compare and Contrast We will look at some examples of what you should and should not be doing. Let’s learn from the mistakes of others
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About The Author
Alex Baker
Alex Baker is the managing director of Fleet Innovations. With over 16 years in and around the fleet and finance industry, he has built up a wealth of knowledge specific to mileage expenses. He is not an accountant or a tax advisor he just offers some good simple advice for the laymen.
This guide has been put together to help businesses stay on track with their mileage expenses and to avoid the potentially damaging HMRC penalties. It’s a complex subject but with a bit of help it’s not difficult to get it right."
  • Simple and easy to follow thanks for your help
    Paul Brooks
  • It saved me a load of time and effort taking the wrong path. 
    James Iverson
  • I wish i had read this before HMRC came knocking it might have saved me a lot of money
    Patrick M
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